Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Hotspot – Psyduck plus more

We traveled to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday in hopes of finding a plethora of Magikarp. We did, and found much more. With a cluster of Pokestops at both the Rock Hall and Science Center, it seemed like Drowzees and Psyducks were spawning in the manner of Weedle and Pidgeys. Magikarps and Goldeens spawned frequently enough to make this spot worth the visit.


Parking can be an issue though, but five dollar lots and metered parking is available near this location. We parked across the stadium and walked through the outside areas of the Science Center and Rock Hall. Lures were constantly being placed, and the amount of people Pokehunting was outstanding.

If your looking for that Golduck, Hypno, or my favorite Garados, this is the spot to visit. Even with so many Pokestops, it seemed like we were always running low on Pokeballs. This spot is very active. The most activity I have seen to date.

–Reaver Unbound


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