Ohio Coe Lake Hotspot – Staryu and Magikarp

The other day I searched online for some good parks and recreation locations to go Pokemon hunting. Coe Lake came up in my searches and it looked promising. Though skeptical I still ventured out in hopes of finding some rare Pokemon that I couldn’t find nearer to home.

Coe Lake did not disappoint. With two gyms and plenty of Pokestops, there was always plenty of Pokeballs and Potions on hand. But the real delight was that this area is a Staryu hotspot. The two bridge locations seemed to spawn them every fifteen minutes. The northern bridge that houses three Pokestops also spawned Poliwags and Magikarps, especially when lures were placed.

The park isn’t big overall, so traveling from one bridge to the other can be completed multiple times within an hour. So if Starymie and Pliwhirl are missing from your Pokedex, Coe Lake should remedy that for you in no time. Good luck with the hunt and thanks for reading! More locations to come.

IMG_0381— ReaverUnbound


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